TuneUp Utilities 2012

The new version of the popular optimization software “Tune-Up utilities 2012″ comes with a series of innovations that focus mainly on energy-saving and power consumption; thanks to the Tune-Up Economy Mode that increases battery life of portable devices like Netbooks and Tablets up to 30%. To achieve this, the user can tweak the device setting using Tune-Up Utilities and can govern what activities can run in the background and thereby reduces the workload on device.

Along with this feature, the software also includes an option called TuneUp Program Deactivator, which directly optimizes the start-up speed of the computer and the computer processing. Its operation is to disable processes that runs in the background when not needed and automatically activate when the user needs. The ultimate goal of TuneUp is to get the PC to Faster boot speeds and increase computer lifespan.

The new Tune-Up Utilities 2012 has also improved the design of its interface to make it easier to navigate options and allow the user to change from the Save Mode to Turbo Mode (disable more than 70 processes). Also available a new feature called Optimization Status that shows how well your PC was optimized using TuneUp Utilities 2012 and helps you act upon its unused tuning potential for Windows and other software.

Other useful utilities include 1-Click-Maintenance & Automatic Maintenance, which Resolves registry problems by cleaning and de-fragmenting registry, Removes broken shortcuts, Deletes temporary files, Optimizes Startup programs and Defragments hard disk.

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