UNO - Undercover

The gameplay of UNO Undercover is relatively easy. All actions are done with the mouse, and there is little to do besides play cards. The rules are also rather simple. Each player is dealt seven cards, and must try to get rid of all their cards by discarding them onto the main pile. This can only be accomplished if the player has a card of the same color or numerical value as the card on top of the pile.

For example, if the card in the pile is a red 3, a player could play a three of any other color or any red card they had in their hand. If you are unable to play a card, you must draw a card from a different pile. The most important action of the game is calling “UNO!” when you only have one card left in your hand. If you fail to do so and another player calls you on it, you will have to draw two more cards.

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